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Balacera Brothers

Balacera Brothers is a run n' gun game for PC, featuring:

  • Fun gameplay with non-stop action

  • Colorful pixel art

  • Energetic soundtrack

  • Stages loosely inspired by real places from around the world

  • 2-player local co-op

  • Playful tone similar to Konami classics such as Sunset Riders

Balacera Brothers: About
Balacera Brothers: Video

Get it today!

Balacera Brothers is available on Gamejolt (preferred) and Steam.

Balacera Brothers: About

"Crime ran rampant through the streets, but Harold and Benny played every club and dive to spread that sweet sound of music to every ear that could hear.


Crime breeds fear, and fear feeds the dark. The ghosts and ghasts reach out and eat more than the boys can beat! If sound can't stop these bad bones, maybe a little balacera can..."

Heroes Harold and Benny take a break from playing with their band to rid the world of the merciless Nugnur and its horde of evil skeletons in this retro-styled run n' gun game full of color, energetic music, and fast-paced action! Inspired by the classic arcade games of the early 90s, Balacera Brothers has all the love and attention to detail that have been present in my previous games Rescue-Palooza and Beats of Power.

Balacera Brothers: Text
Balacera Brothers: Video


Fighting the Skellycopter
Markplatz in Basel
Stage Clear! And some dancing
Stage intro
Title screen
Water fountain
Wild Maa
Story cutscene
Character Selection Screen
Oil Barge
Nugnur is a PITA
New Orleans Cemetery
Elevator of DOOM
Better luck next time
Balacera Brothers: Gallery



Inspiration and goal

Balacera Brothers is my attempt to honor the legacy of 90s playful, colorful, and energetic run n' gun classics like Sunset Riders and Mystic Warriors.

I've always wanted to develop a run n' gun game. I knew the time had come when I saw what fellow OpenBOR developer Bloodbane had accomplished with his game "Locked and Loaded".


The game showcases colorful graphics, as is a tradition in my games, plus a healthy dose of checked patterns here and there. 

This project gave me a chance to use old character designs and sketches that I've made over the years and that have been waiting for an opportunity to shine.
The stages are influenced heavily by real life locations like the cemetery Lafayette #2 in New Orleans, and the city of Basel in Switzerland.

dummy - 0035.png


Balacera Brothers' soundtrack is heavily influenced by ska! The energetic tunes will keep players pumped and having a good time.
The soundtrack is available by itself and as part of a bundle with the game!

Balacera Brothers: Projects


  • Programming: Merso, Bloodbane

  • Music: dmledo

  • Story: Eric Setzke

  • Sound Effects: Sonniss LTD, Merso, Stefanie Wunderlin

  • Narration: Stetson Turner

  • Patrons: Skip Wescott, oldmanwinters, Aaron Meredith, Paul Brown, James hollie, NintenJoe, Nielzabub, Bobby MacGibbon, Santino Black, Toben Alexander, Del & Angry, Bryan Sime, Daniel Jacquez, Luke Shaw, Butters, Andrey P, Ezequiel Fuentes Jr

  • Thanks: nsw25, oldmanwinters, the Chronocrash community

Balacera Brothers: Text
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